Pickl' & Roll Burgers

The new triple threat! Come down for a feed, stay for a game, and if you are really feeling up to it, hit the court!

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Pickl' & Roll Burgers


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Pickl' & Roll Burgers.

Packaging & Identity Design for a Burger Joint.

Come down for a feed, stay for a game, and if you are really feeling up to it, hit the court!

The only one-stop-shop where you can play, watch and eat.

Did someone say 'slam dunk'?

Insights on Pickl' & Roll Burgers' Brand Identity Design by Cam Gomersall Design:

In the ever-competitive world of food and dining, creating a brand identity that stands out and resonates with consumers is vital. The design journey undertaken for Pickl' & Roll Burgers is a testament to how innovative branding can amplify the experience for customers.

Packaging Design

One of the significant elements in the brand identity process is the packaging design. In the case of Pickl' & Roll Burgers, the packaging doesn’t merely serve the purpose of holding food. It becomes an experience in itself. Modern designs combined with eco-friendly materials showcase the brand's commitment to sustainability and the environment. Moreover, the packaging's playful graphics entice the diner, making the act of eating not just a sensory experience but a visual treat as well.

Logo Design

The logo for Pickl' & Roll Burgers is thoughtfully crafted to encompass the brand's ethos. It seamlessly integrates the world of basketball with that of gourmet burgers, establishing an immediate connection with lovers of both. The clever use of imagery ensures that the logo is instantly recognisable, fostering brand recall.

Graphics and Illustrations

The visual elements incorporated into the branding go beyond just aesthetics. They narrate a story. Through vibrant graphics and illustrations, the diners are invited into the world of Pickl' & Roll, where food meets passion for the game. This synergy is evident in the artful blend of playful illustrations with the menu items, in-store designs, and marketing collateral.

Do you need a local graphic designer?

With Cam Gomersall Design's expertise, Pickl' & Roll Burgers have managed to break through the noise, creating a distinct and memorable brand identity. This project underscores the importance of comprehensive and cohesive branding, shedding light on the magic that happens when creativity meets strategy. If you're on the hunt for a designer who can translate your brand's vision into tangible reality, Cam's work on Pickl' & Roll Burgers stands as a shining example of what he can deliver.

Complete brand design for Pickl' & Roll Burgers.

Available to hire: gomersallcameron@gmail.com

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