5 Misconceptions About Branding

5 Misconceptions About Branding
Cam Gomersall
5 Misconceptions About Branding

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1. It’s all about the logo design.

This is probably the biggest misconception about branding out there. A professional logo is no doubt a very important factor of a brand, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. The logo has to symbolise everything to do with your brand in a positive and influencing way. But how do you get that result you ask?

Well through research, surveys, brainstorming and a whole lot of creativity. You see if you want to make a great logo, you need to nail your branding work first. You need to set up your brand heart (mission, values, vision & purpose). You need to nail your brand voice and messaging and you need to know your customers and who you are competing with. Only then can you start thinking about creating a professional logo design.

2. There are more important things, like sales.

Don’t get me wrong, sales are absolutely crucial to your business, without sales you don’t survive. As simple as that.

But don’t underestimate the power of branding. Sure you can always rely on being the cheapest option and disregard branding altogether. But if you want to play in any other price bracket. You are going to need branding!

3. Customers don’t care about branding, all they care about are products.

Customers are funny creatures. Sometimes we go the cheaper option and sometimes we buy the premium. What determines our buying decisions? Could it be the brand packaging, could it be what the brand stands for? Maybe you’ve been referred the product by a friend or family member?

One things for sure, branding design in one way or another helps shift your decision. Don’t underestimate the power of it!

4. Branding doesn’t generate income.

Branding doesn’t generate ALL income. As I mentioned before, you can still make sales without branding. It’s when you want to make more than bottom dollar that branding comes into play.

How else do you position yourself as a market leader, a tribe people can relate to or a company that stands for so much more than making a quick buck. Branding allows you to relate to your target customers and remain at the forefront of all their buying decisions.

5. Branding doesn’t require upkeep.

Think of your brand as a living creature. It requires constant maintenance and exercise, you need to give it oxygen and water so it can thrive and grow. It’s not something you set and forget. You need to consistently update your brand and hiring a professional brand designer can definitely help in that regard.

As your landscape changes, so too should your brand. Adapt to those changes and you’ll see your brand stand out from the stubborn ones that refuse to change and ultimately fail. Is there a new social media platform you could be utilising? Maybe a new potential revenue stream? Do the research and work out whether the change is right for you!

If you are anyone you know needs help with their brand, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always here for a chat.

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