5 Tips To Help You Find Your Brand Style

5 Tips To Help You Find Your Brand Style
Cam Gomersall
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5 Tips To Help You Find Your Brand Style

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Everyone has their own style... and the same goes for every brand design.

So how do you cement your style you may ask?

With a style guide of course! Here's the basics of one.


• Include a black and white  version, plus single colours.

• Secondary logos can ensure more design flexibility.

• Research where the logo will be displayed (packaging, products, signage etc.) for the variations.

If you need help creating all your logo variations, The Logo Package Express is amazing.


• Include details on spacing (using parts of the logo as a guide is an easy way to remember).

• How small/large should the logo be displayed? Any other rules?

• When should variants/secondary logos be used?


• Select your brand colours, they should match your personality.

• Choose a primary colour and at least one complimentary colour. Don’t forget some neutrals too.

• List your colours in CMYK (for print), RGB and Hex (for digital) and Pantone codes.

• Bonus: Give your colours names.


• You really don’t need more than 2-3 fonts.

• Pick one headline font and one for your body copy.

• If you want to ensure even more consistency, choose a default font for when your options are really limited (ie. Times).


• Set a guide for all other forms of visual content for your brand.

• Think photographic styles, video, illustration, motion graphics.

• How will they look? Make sure they compliment the brand.

• It’s important to not go overboard here, but setting a starting point can be really helpful.

If you need any help designing a brand, don't hesitate to contact me today.

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