How Your Brand Can Build A Community

How Your Brand Can Build A Community
Cam Gomersall
How Your Brand Can Build A Community

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So how on earth do you build out your brand community you may ask?

Well it's actually a lot easier than it seems. I've outlined four simple steps that can help you grow below.

Show Up And Be Consistent with Branding

People are always hanging out in different areas, make sure you are targeting them effectively.

Is your brand suited towards younger people? Think about showing up on TikTok and YouTube. Or maybe they are an older crowd? So you could looking towards spending more of your time on Facebook/Pinterest. 

Whatever the platform, keep showing up and keep up the consistency.

Create A Trusted Brand

People trust brands that they know. They come to expect the sort of content they produce, they know how they speak, they know what they stand for. The first step if knowing all of this for your brand. The people will come once you know how to position yourself properly.

Another way is by being authentic. No shady tactics, stand by your word and only promote services/products aligned to what you stand for/are about.

Think Outside The Box

Take for example a gym. You have a physical location, you advertise memberships, people train, they get healthier/stronger etc. Well how could you further increase the brand community? Well think outside the box a bit.

You could start creating free workout programs or meal plans. Maybe you organise a charity fun run where members raise money for a charity of their choice.

These are all things that can help build a sense of purpose in the community and allows your customers to become more engrained to your tribe.

Create Brand Enthusiast Portals/Hubs

Have a few people that love your product/service? Think about getting them together to share their passion. It could be improvements/tips & tricks/success stories or inspiration. A web designer can easily create a place for your enthusiasts to go.

Think of any car manufacturer forums, where you might find tips & tricks and people helping each other out. Or a clothing brands ‘hashtag’ where you’ll find style tips and inspiration.

These hubs also act as an incredible source of user testing and feedback centres, if used correctly they can be extremely valuable.

With a bit of hard work and some proper planning these ideas can help you build out your brand community quite easily. 

If you need any help gathering other community building ideas for your brand, be sure to reach out!

See you all soon.


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