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What Features Should A Website Have?

What Features Should A Website Have?
Cam Gomersall
What Features Should A Website Have?

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Your website is one of your best opportunities for a great first impression with potential clients. Whilst animations, high def videos and shiny new fonts are great additions to your websites design, there are some other features that will help your website become more accessible, more conversion friendly and better overall.

Your website should feature in no particular order:

Prominent Phone Number

A lot of people hide on their website, afraid to have people able to call them. For many users a quick phone call is the easiest way to get the information they require regarding your service or product. Make your phone number prominent. Feature it in your nav bar, call to actions, footer and contact us page for greatest effect. Bonus points if the number is actually clickable on mobile!

Contact Form with Basic Information

At a minimum you'll need to feature a field for Name, Phone Number, Email Address and their message. Feel free to add what you see fit to your forms though as any information collected at this stage may help your team down the track. Some other great features could be price/budget drop-downs, allowance for users to select their own service that you provide and

Clear Call To Actions

Use colour to differentiate where you want people to click and where you want users to navigate to throughout your website. Is your website mainly black and white? Then simply use colour to highlight your key areas. Like below.

Headings To Break Up Content

No one likes to read a whole chunk of text on a page. Break up your content by sectioning different points of emphasis. Utilise big bold headings to draw in scanning users eyes and then use a legible body font for the rest of your content.

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